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1960 Golden Gate Avenue: Explore the colorful interior design of this custom home

Featured in House Beautiful

This custom home renovation spanned two separate families and over 7 years.

We were thrilled to see that our recently completed project at 1960 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco was featured in House Beautiful! Most of our clients don't take the extra step of hiring an Interior Designer like Joy Street Design for their project, but the right designer can create a home, not just a house, and this project embodies the difference in every way. Just like their designer, we LOVE color and it made our hearts sing to see the vibrant patterns and colors throughout this custom home, especially since we know that this design perfectly captured the personalities of the homeowners.

Carve out a cozy reading nook in the closet under the stair

The Marriage between Architecture and Interior Design

As the architect on a project, we help form the space. We identify the flow, coordinate the engineers, ensure the project meets all codes, and shepherd the project through the city approvals process. Although, our vision of the space is three dimensional and we always have ideas for how a space should be furnished or used, a good interiors person can add immense value by selecting colors, wallpapers, tiles, and light fixtures to make every space shine.

Here, the Interior's team brought the families fun and whimsical energy to the smallest of spaces. They carved out a cozy reading nook in the closet under the stair. The downstairs den became a jungle gym for their young children with monkey bars attached to the wall and ceiling. And each room received special touches that were unique to each and every family member. This is a fantastic example of how great a custom residential project can be.

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