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100 Green Street

We love helping our clients grow their businesses into new spaces. When one of our long-time clients, Structure Properties, outgrew their space, we were thrilled when they asked us to help them design a high-tech office for their team.

They found an incredible, historic building, on the corner of Green Street and Battery and we went to work creating the perfect office for them. We exposed the stunning brickwork, buried under layers of paint and sheetrock. We stripped the ceiling finishes to maximize ceiling heights and add texture. We created a front office for visitors, and secret “war room” area at the rear which is privatized just for their team. A massive digital screen allows the entire team to keep up to date with action items, trends, and customer requests.

In addition to their office space, we stretched our space planning skills to the maximum to carve out two small food services spaces. The first, fronting onto Green Street, was previously occupied by Chica, a Mexican take-out window. In just 87 sf in size measuring only 8’ x 10’-9” we were able to create a full prep kitchen. The large historic windows were perfect to utilize this small space, and during a typical work day you would have found a line wrapped down the block to queue up to their take out window.

The second space fronting into Battery, formerly occupied by Bunn Mike Vietnamese is even smaller, with only 51 sf measuring 6’-6” x 7’-9.” This space required reinstating a historic door opening. We created a dutch-door with classic historic details so this space can turn into a take-out window in an instant.

Stay tuned - we're just starting work on another renovation for the ground floor of this building!


Commercial Tenant Improvement


San Francisco




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Structural Engineer


Image by Evgeniy Alyoshin


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