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40 Beachmont

This was our second project for the family at 40 Beachmont. Phase 1 included a renovation of the kitchen, dining, and family room at the ground floor. We were thrilled when they called us a few years later to do another project for them. This time, we renovated two of their bathrooms, including their son’s shared bathroom and their primary bathroom.


Their son's bathroom had a very awkward jack-and-jill configuration with a lot of wasted space, unnecessary doors, and no vanity storage or counter space.


At Syncopated Architecture, we love using our design skills to maximize efficiency and eliminate wasted space and this was the perfect project to showcase our skills. Our work here was almost surgical and limited entirely to the two bathrooms, without impact to any of the surrounding rooms, spaces, or exterior windows.


By simply reconfiguring the flow into/out of these rooms, we crafted a solution for both bathrooms that significantly improved circulation, and increased both vanity space and storage. 


At the primary suite bathroom we created a luxurious 2-person shower with custom showerheads over a marble bench and a separate toilet compartment with opaque privacy glazing.


Their impeccable style resulted in two gorgeous bathrooms done in marbles, glass tiles, and custom mosaics.



Single Family


San Francisco 




Engineering Sketch

Structural Engineer


Image by Evgeniy Alyoshin


Terence Keenan Construction 


Image by Andrew Hutchings


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