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2355 Bay Street

One of our regular clients found this incredible 4-unit investment property mere steps from the Palace of Fine Arts and challenged us to have a permit in hand and be swinging hammers in just one months’ time. Challenge accepted!


We created a masterplan for the entire development in record time, including unit reconfigurations/ expansions for 3 of the existing units with a vertical addition. We met the challenge had permits ready to start for the first unit renovation within 30 days.


While our client was working on the renovations for Units 2 and 3, we spent 3 years working through permit approvals for the vertical addition. (That’s actually fast in San Francisco; similar projects can take 5+ years).

Each unit turned out beautifully. One unit was reconfigured to create a 2 bed/ 2 bath layout. (Previously 1 bed, 1 bath). And the other 2 units were expanded into luxurious townhouse units with 3 bedroom/ 3 bathroom layouts. All designs stayed true to the historic character of the property with divided lite windows, trims, moldings, and elegant fireplaces.


The vertical addition for the top unit affords gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a new roof deck looking out across the Bay and over the Palace of Fine Arts.





San Francisco




Engineering Sketch

Structural Engineer

Sung Engineer, Inc.


Image by Evgeniy Alyoshin


Doherty Restoration


Image by Andrew Hutchings


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