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2105 Hillside  

It isn't often that we are able to provide full service including interior design services, but this client wanted a fully considered project from start to finish. We selected flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, countertops, and tile for every space. We love when we're able to take such a comprehensive approach to a project. We believe this leads to a much more successful project.

Here, it was critical that we retain the Mediterranean character of the home and minimize exterior changes, so we got very creative with the improvements. We improved the entry to the home to create more landing space inside the door with very minimal changes to the front façade. We completely renovated the kitchen and opened it up more effectively to the dining space and also renovated their guest bath.

At the top level we took two awkward bathrooms and reconfigured them to significantly improve the storage space in the primary suite and add a third bathroom off the hallway for one of the children without sacrificing any bedroom or closet space. It was a pleasure making such a large transformation while maintaining the lovely character of this home.

We had the honor of working with this client on a second home for them many years later. To us, relationships with our clients mean everything.



Single Family Renovation






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