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2014 Market

This project was completed when our principal, Serina was working as a Senior Project Manager at Levy Design Partners. Levy Design Partners, Inc. is the Architect for this project.

The project included 16 three story townhouse units on the corner of 20th Street and Market in Oakland. Each unit is separated onto its own mini-lot, which means that each building has its own property line boundary. By providing individual lots, the buildings are each considered independent and each unit has both a front and rear door, making each unit feel like its own home rather than an apartment.

The ground floor of each unit has a private garage, bathroom, and office area. The second floor of each unit includes the living, dining, and kitchen areas. At the top floor we provided bedrooms and bathrooms.

The units are a combination of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units. A two story volume in each unit provides for maximum light and views of the surrounding areas.


The design includes units with a shed roof design, large two story windows, and a combination of hardi-panel siding and stucco finishes. We used the color blue in the façade to indicate the location of window-seats at the interior space; a vocabulary we carried throughout the project. 


New Construction

16 Units






Architecture Model Sketching


Levy Design Partners

Image by Evgeniy Alyoshin


Hawk Development

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