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"Architecture is Frozen Music"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

At Syncopated Architecture, we believe that making a building is much like creating music. As the leaders of the project, we see ourselves as the conductors of the symphony. In music there are all different types of instruments to coordinate and bring into tune together. It’s our job to orchestrate all those pieces and pull them together until they sing. When we design we push and pull the building until we feel all the harmonies and melodies come into perfect pitch. It’s like listening to the Symphony tune up before the concert. At first the dissonance is the most powerful sound and slowly it slips into harmony together.

Every building has an underlying structural rhythm. Pushing and pulling that structural gait, sometimes accentuating the rigidity of the rhythm and other times intentionally bucking that rhythm is our way of making beautiful music.



Accessory Dwelling Units are our specialty. Since the program was introduced, we have created over 300 new rent-controlled apartments using this program.

Our Principal worked closely with local officials at the city and Mayor's office to help streamline permit reviews for these projects and standardize the fire reviews. It's one of her proudest accomplishments to have been able to help reduce barriers to the creation of housing.


Getting caught with an illegal unit can be incredibly stressful, especially if you've been reported by someone you know and trust. 

At Syncopated Architecture, we specialize in helping homeowners navigate this difficult process. We have helped countless property owners, just like you, clear up your violations and create a wonderful rental unit.

Creating new buildings from the ground up is a special treat for designers like us. Starting with a blank canvas of a site gives us the opportunity to create thoughtful, site specific designs from the ground up and we are always eager for projects that help create much needed housing.

Our principal has vast experience in designing large multi-family projects in her previous tenure at Levy Design Partners and is always eager to get back to her roots in designing similar projects in our practice. 


Funky buildings are one of our favorite project types. If you have an office, historic structure, warehouse, live/work structure, or industrial space, and are thinking of converting it to housing, we want to help you with it!  These buildings tend to have very unique architecture that allows us to stretch our creativity and create wonderfully interesting environments.


We've had the distinct pleasure to work on some incredible adaptive reuse projects including live/work lofts, large SRO buildings, even a historic bakery conversion.  No building is too large or complicated for us to tackle!

We absolutely love doing commercial work. These projects allow us to be creative, exploring a variety of materials and colors helping our clients reinforce their brand. Many of our clients have trusted us to help them open their very first business and they come back when they're ready to expand.

We've worked with well-known businesses like 4505 Meats, Cole Valley Tavern (formerly Kezar Pub), Easy Breezy Yogurt, Re-Boot float spa, and so many more. If you have a commercial project, please contact us!


Working with homeowners is a unique and wonderful experience. On these projects, it's so important for us to be able to forge a personal relationship with our clients. We take our role as guides very seriously. Our clients entrust us with their most private space, their home and sanctuary; the place where their children will grow up or they will age into. We take that trust very seriously. Whether you are expecting your first child, creating a suite for an aging parent, or finally creating the home of your dreams, we would love to help you.

(Accessible Business Entry)

We have helped over 50 properties across the City prepare and file their checklists and permits for the Accessible Business Entry Program.  If you are still receiving violation notices for your entries, contact us now. We can help!


If your project type isn't specifically listed above, reach out anyway. We have vast experience in a variety of projects including public schools, historic studies, and permit expediting. Making buildings is our passion, and we want to help you with yours!



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