535 Folsom Street

Sometimes a project appears that we never dreamed we’d be working on. That was the case with the chocolate shop we recently completed. Our client located a brand new space that had never been occupied. In fact, the rest of the building was still under construction when we started work.

What started out as a raw concrete shell turned into a delightful chocolate shop that opened in February of 2014. Our client, Wendy, had never had a retail space before. She had been working out of a kitchen and selling direct to other retailers and online sources. We started the project with color in mind. Her logo and brand had (5) colors in it and we took off running with that in mind.

Because the space was a raw concrete shell, it was very difficult to envision. Thanks to our talented team, we generated a series of designs in a succession of 3d models that made it easy for Wendy to choose from.

Reinforcing her brand was a key component of the project. We created a strong graphic pattern on the floor that tied in beautifully with the colors of her logo and the rectilinear nature of her chocolates and packaging. We also highlighted her brand colors with painted accent walls and a dropped ceiling with coffered articulation that looks like a chocolate bar. To top it all off, we were sure to locate her company name and mascot (a winged alpaca named “Harriet”) on the walls and columns to grab people’s eyes as they pass by.

With 15’ ceilings and a prominent street frontage in a developing neighborhood that is sure to boom, we know she’ll be a huge success in her new space.

Pop on in for a coffee, pastry, or several of her AMAZING handmade truffles. They are the best chocolates we’ve ever tasted and her flavors are incredibly unique.